Centerline Artists was founded in 2006 by Ed Brominski (formerly Eddie Anthony of the 80s rock band Arc Angel). His sole mission in forming Centerline Artists was to provide career direction to promising acts and help them operate successfully in the new music environment.

With his passion for the business reignited, he quickly established Centerline Artists as a valued partner, earning the trust of artists by actions, not promises. “I wake up every day motivated to further advance our artist's careers," Ed comments.

A firm believer in the “team mentality", Brominski has assembled a strong line-up of professionals that work along side Centerline, acting as one unit, with one focused goal – the client's success. Some artists can survive in today's music world, but Centerline Artists believe they can help acts thrive, not just survive. Ed adds, “My job is to maximize a band's potential."

In his musical career, Ed was lucky enough to have been surrounded by a great group of professionals and some very generous people. Brominski feels that it's his duty to ‘pay it forward'. His insights as both a former professional musician and now a seasoned manager are invaluable to Centerline Artists' clients.